Central heating boiler installation in Chester

This central heating boiler installation was completed in Great Boughton, Chester, Cheshire.

The homeowners of the newly acquired property wanted to upgrade the existing heat-only boiler and hot water cylinder to a combination boiler. The installation was completed before the new homeowners moved in and the relocation of the boiler from the kitchen to an upstairs cupboard allowed for future renovation and layout of the kitchen interior. The installation of a Worcester 34 CDi Classic combination boiler best suited the requirements of both property & occupants. A Worcester central heating filter & shock arrestor was installed to better protect the boiler and clean the system.

As always, a system flush using cleaning chemicals was performed and once the installation was complete and the boiler commissioned, corrosive inhibitor was introduced to again better protect the components of the boiler and reduce the acceleration of sludge within the heating system. As a Worcester Accredited Installer, N-Gas Heating Solutions provided the new homeowners a 10-year manufacturer’s guarantee on their new boiler.

Once the installation was completed we cut to size and fitted a piece of linoleum flooring to better protect items that may get stored on the floor and also to improve the look and aesthetics within the cupboard.