Other Gas Services

Central Heating Design & Installation

N-Gas Heating Solutions will assess both the property and the requirements of the occupants to offer the best advice and solutions to your hot water and heating needs.

Adhering to these requirements means considering incoming water volume & pressure, number of bathrooms, size of property, heat output, number of occupants, water usage and desired functionality of system controls etc… Once all this information has been collated, we can then present the best solution and offer a full comprehensive quotation to complete the work.

Boiler Upgrades/Replacements

N-Gas Heating Solutions specialise in installing new boilers & central heating systems. We complete both like for like boiler replacements and also system upgrades. This for example is if you wished to upgrade from a conventional set-up of a heat-only boiler and hot water cylinder to a combination (combi) boiler.

Upgrading to a new modern high-efficiency condensing boiler will save you money on bills as they burn their fuel more efficiently and have the ability to essentially re-cycle the energy given off in the flue gases for better heat recovery.

Gas fire safety / repair

N-Gas Heating Solutions are Gas Safe registered and fully qualified to work on your gas fire.

We service and maintain all variety of fires from open flued, fan flued and balanced flued to inset, wall mounted and decorative. A well-maintained gas fire presents no risk to the homeowner and can provide a lovely ambient glow and atmosphere to your home. In stark contrast, a fire that has been neglected and suffered without a service for any length of time can leave the occupants vulnerable to the risk of CO poisoning and this is especially important with an open flued appliance.

Radiator Replacements

N-Gas Heating Solutions carry out all manner of radiator installs and replacements. Radiators today come in a plethora of varying sizes, styles & shapes.

From modern contemporary radiators to vertical, designer, traditional cast iron and everything in-between…. We have fitted them all and can do so for you.

Boiler Service

N-Gas Heating Solutions will service & maintain your boiler and always be available for help and advice long after it was initially installed. Having your boiler serviced annually ensures optimal operation and highlights any potential issues that may cause problems in the future. A well-maintained boiler will help save lives.

A faulty boiler by contrast can be potentially fatal with government statistics indicating an average of 50 adults and children tragically die each year from carbon monoxide (CO) poisoning as a result of poorly maintained boilers. An annual service can also reduce fuel bills by ensuring the boiler operates at optimal efficiency and isn’t squandering energy. An annual boiler service is also a pre-requisite of the manufacturers to honour the guarantee term and this is also true of most insurance policy requirements.

Boiler Repair

N-Gas Heating Solutions are Gas Safe registered boiler specialists that can diagnose, repair and service all types of domestic gas boilers.

Your boiler is perhaps the hardest working appliance in your home. A great boiler is one that operates and functions without notice, however all boilers over a long enough time-line will eventually deteriorate in performance and may stop working altogether. An annual service will certainly aid the life of a boiler but it’s realistic to expect that at some point components will fail and stop working. We have the experience to diagnose and help you back up and running in no time.

Cooker & Hob Installation

N-Gas Heating Solutions are fully equipped and qualified to install your new hob, range cooker, cooker or oven.

We complete a test of the gas carcass and always replace the flexible gas hose and taps as part of our installation to ensure continued optimal safety. These components degrade over time and can be difficult to evaluate its integrity by just a visual assessment.

Installation of Smart Central Heating Controls

N-Gas Heating solutions can install the new modern wave of Smart central heating controls to your heating system.

These programmers are designed to work alongside your boiler to deliver optimal control of your heating system and operate at the most efficient output for your requirements. There are many models now flooding the market and most offer the ability to be able to control your heating remotely from literally anywhere in the world via an app on either you mobile or tablet.